At the heart of Wicca there is ritual. In all of our ceremonies, we practice some sort of ritual, whether it be Circle casting or dancing. Very rarely do we hear the question of what a ritual is. Some definitions might say that a Wiccan ritual is a formalized practice that or perhaps a way to connect to the Deities. Another definition for a ritual, would be a practice that is meaningful to the caster.

There are many ways to cast the same spell. There are many ways to cast a Circle or call the God and Goddess. In our quest to copy down our traditions perfectly for the Witches to come, we sometimes loose sight of the personal meaning a rite or ritual should have. Although I fully believe that we should record our traditions, I think we should remember that these spells we cast have to have not only meaning to the God and Goddess but to yourselves. By excluding either, we loose the spirit of our Craft.

My great-grandmother, who would never say she was Wiccan, taught me the most about the Craft. Maybe she did not use the terms we are used to hearing, or the tools, but she did teach me the philosophies. These philosophies I hear from Witches all around the world. She encouraged me in all things, to find what is important to me and to express it in ways that felt right for me.

We can all sit around regurgitating things we've heard before. Each coven and solitary should not only seek to record our rituals perfectly, but blaze his or her own path. If we do not, then we run the risk of the Craft becoming as stale and as out of touch with the world as many religions are today.

In making your own ritual, you can express your creativity. Many of my Witch friends much prefer to make their own but sometimes like to use something tried and tested. Try to aim for a good balance. Should you find a spell or ritual that you like in a book or on a page on the Internet don't hesitate to try it if the creator has given permission. You can also adapt this ritual to suit you better. Just remember that it has to be important to you if it is to have any meaning at all. Find your own Way.