The Powers Of Stones  


Semi-precious and precious stones can aid a Witch in many tasks.  Any kind of Magick can be focused or improved by their use.  When you use any kind of stone, buy a good quality stone.  Second rates stones make for second rate spells.  Good quality stones may be more expensive but they not only help your spells better but look nicer.  


How To Buy And What To Look For  

It is easy to go to a Pagan friendly shop and buy there.  I'm sure you'll also find out it can be very expensive.  I tend to frequent flea markets to find my stones.  Once shop venders get to know you, they can be very helpful.  Not to mention they may be able to teach you a thing or two.  Always keep an eye out!

When you find some stones that look promising, select the few that you seem to like best.  In good lighting, look at the stone and see if there are any fracture marks, chips or imperfections.  Although stones can work with any of the above, I've found sometimes there are disruptions in the flow of Magick.  Also look for stones to have a good color and that seem to 'fit' you.  You'll know when you find the perfect stone!  


After The Stone Is Bought

It might seem as though you are ready to use the stone as soon as you buy it, I wouldn't recommend it.  Many people have handled the stones and have left their imprint.  This imprint can be emotional or just a resonation of energy.  Either way, it is best to purify the stone before you use it.

The purification of a stone is very easy.  Some Witches and Shamans smudge with herbs or essential oils.  Others will let a stone sit in sea salt for a week or leave it in the earth or sun.  You can do whichever seems to suit you best.  I like letting my stones sit under running water for a while but I've always had an affinity with the element of water.   Just make sure that your stone is well purified before use.  Once they it is cleaned, dedicate to the God and Goddess.  Then place them somewhere safe and away from others.  



As stones have certain properties particular to their type, I like making charms with them.  Simply select the kind of stone best suited to the charm you wish to use.  Then place in a bag and within a Circle, maybe add some herbs or other items and then state your intent.  Use natural fibers and cloth for the bag.  Also make sure that you are certain of what you want the charm to do.

Candle magic can also be improved by stones.  If you make your candles, you can certainly have fun!  Adding a few stones as you dip or cast your candles can increase the strength of the Magick.  Just remember to labile the candles!  The stones can also be used again after another purification.  For those of us who buy candles, bore a small hole into the candle and insert the stone.  Then burn as normal.  



Stones And Their Uses  


Amethyst-  This stone can assist purification and regeneration and is great for meditation.  It can also act as a good protector; balancing and soothing.

Garnet-  Can provide the holder with a feeling of stability and balance emotions.  Garnets can also help us face and accept our shadow self.

Quartz Crystal-  This is an all-purpose stone.  It can help balance emotions, is great for meditation and communication with your spiritual self.  Most of all, crystals of this type can receive, activate, store, transform, transmit and amplify energy.  A must for any Witch!

Lapis Lazuli-  Serves as a mental and spiritual cleanser.  Lapis also acts as an enhance of strength and vitality.  It can also be used for past life work.

Agate-  Can be calming and comforting.  For healing, it can help to relieve pain.

Citrine-  This stone can relieve tiredness, enhance healing and strengthens nerves.

Tiger Eye-  A great stone for the enhancing of mental functions.  Can balance emotion and ease stubbornness.

Obsidian-  Can help produce blunt answers and focus inner vision.  Obsidian can store and absorb energy like quartz crystals and can also protect.  It can also be great for grounding.



Believe it or not, I have one of each.  Some are jewelry which I have bought, purified and used for long lasting supportive spells.  Every six months of so I repeat what I want them to do and then leave them.  Each time they are renewed, stones can be either directed to a specific problem you want help with or left to attack general problems.  This list of stones and properties is short and I'm sure you will find more as you learn.

Amulet or charm bags can also be constructed.  The only problem with such bags are that they must be taken with the person.  I have found that they can be safely carried in a purse or pocket without lessening the effect you want to create.