Spell casting and rituals require a Witch to be in a certain state of mind. Preferably, a Witch should be excited but calm, in control and have his or her mind concentrating on what they wish to accomplish. How well the preparation before a spell or ritual is completed, often decides how successful the Witch will be. Negative energy that accumulates in a person's body should not be brought into a Circle as it can warp and disrupt any energy you might want to summon. Always give yourself at least an hour before you commence. That will give you time to relax and cleans yourself from the days wear and tear.

Bathing is a great way to cleans yourself. Water, especially running water or large pools of it can literally wash away stress, anxiety and tension. A bathtub filled with warm water and scented with essential oils can be a Witch's best ally. Oils which enhance psychic energy, provide protection and encourage relaxation are the best choices. Frankincense and Sandalwood are good basic oils to use. Adding salt to the bath can also help.

As you are soaking in the bathtub, calm your mind and visualize yourself as releasing all the stresses of the day and soaking up positive energy from the bath water. Breath in the aromas of the oils and concentrate on seeing yourself as being surrounded with the love of the God and Goddess. Meditation is a good way to calm yourself and remove tension from your body. While you meditate, concentrate on the God and Goddess and think about what you intend to do with your spell or ritual.

Once you have cleared yourself of negative feelings, let the water empty down the drain. If you want you can think of the water as taking with it all the negative energy. Dry yourself off and dress. Before you dress, you can wear any oils that you particularly like or would be beneficial to the spell/ritual.

Should you not have access to a bathtub, a shower will do just as well. Stand in the shower and use the same techniques to purify yourself. Instead of oils, you might want too use a scented bathgel or shampoo.

Sometimes a Witch does not have the time to do a full purification. Washing the hands, face and feet will often take the place of a full bath or shower. This method can be used when you have little time or wish to do an on-the-spot ritual.

Clothing you choose to wear can be as important as you make it. It should be comfortable, not get in the way and certainly not tangle on the alter or other tools. Some Witches practice skyclad (nude), while others will make special robes or wear anything they feel comfortable in at the time. Robes can be embroidered or decorated with symbols of power. Shoes are rarely if ever worn, especially in a Circle. If robes have been charged with energies, they can be an important part of getting ready for a ritual or spell. The choice is yours. What you wear does not matter to the God and Goddess, what you have in your heart does.

The tools that you use within the Circle can be assembled before or after purifying yourself. Some Witches believe they should not touch their tools before they are cleansed at the risk of contaminating their tools. You must decide on the order you perform the tasks of setting up yourself.