Oatmeal Mask




Oatmeal is a great base for a mask. It sooths and it moisturizes very well. Almost any oil and herb can be added to oatmeal, depending on need. Wheat germ and ground sesame seeds can also be added at will. I have also heard of a combination oatmeal and clay mask. When making masks, have fun with their creation. Use herbs you know will help your skin and don't be impatient while making your mask. It can be a slow process as you should never buy qui ck oats or three-minute oats. These kinds have been treated with chemicals and won't do you skin any favors.

1 Cup of oatmeal

1-2 tablespoons of Apricot oil

Herbs/Essential Oil

Hot water

This recipe is very flexible. I rarely measure what I add so don't worry too much about whether you have to much or little of one thing. Add the oatmeal and herbs or oil into a bowl. Then add the oil and water. Only add enough water to moisten the oats and form a thick paste. With a fork, mush them together. You should let this sit for a while for the oats to absorb the water and the herbs or oil work through the oats. After about fifteen minutes and if it is cool, you can use. Any you do not use can be covered and put in the refrigerator for later use.

If you do not have a good source of dried herbs, I do know a Witch who uses herbal teas from a heathfood store. If you wish to use a tea, make a strong brew and use that instead of water. Another alternative is to open the teabag and add to the oatmeal. Just remember to read the ingredient list on the tea packet. Sometimes they will add chemicals you don't really want on your face. An alternative to herbs is grated cucumber. Just add to the oat mash.