New Moon Ritual



The time of the new moon is a time of new beginnings. This period also represents the youthful aspect of the Goddess. In the form of the Maiden, she represents youth, change and a fresh start. Children can also be Named and Dedications can be made. New Moons are great times to move, start new projects or cast new spells. It is also a good time to shed your past ills and to refresh yourself for coming trials.

To welcome the new cycle of the moon, you can perhaps try out a new location. You don't have to but it can be very nice to try something different during this cycle. The New Moon can be thought of as a time of learning. Don't be hesitant to try new spells at this time. You might also like to set in motion house protections or wards if you have just moved in. Prepare as normal and decide what you wish to do that will benefit from the powers of this cycle. I usually welcome the moon and invoke its powers before I go on to other projects. In a recent ritual I performed this is what I said;


Lady Moon, your light has just returned,

For the cycle of your power.

Maiden, mistress of new beginnings and youth,

Your light shine down upon the earth.


Upon night's darkest cloak,

Let your mark be spread for all to see,

Glowing ever stronger in the sky.


Tonight let your powers of new beginnings,

Wash away the follies of last cycle.

Seep away my weariness and sorrows.

Fill me to the brim with strength and hope,

Replace faded dreams with new,

And give me the endurance to carry on.


Goddess in the sky, look down upon me,

Your Witch, Sorceress and Priestess,

In your presence, gathers here.


As the moon moves through its cycles,

May the blessing of the Maiden,

Remain strong and surround us.


In the name of the Threefold Goddess,

So mote it be.


I really like working my Craft during the new moon. I find myself more productive generally during this period and tend to do a lot of cooking at this time. Non-Magickal projects can be started too. Some people have preferences of which moon cycle they like best so experiment to find out which ones you like best.