Mud masks aren't really made of garden soil. Garden earth would be far to rough to put on a face and can contain bacteria that could be harmful. The main ingredient of a mud mask is clay. Clay is fine and won't irritate the skin and as it is difficult for air to permeate clay and so, make it difficult for bacteria to grow. Go to a craft store near you and ask for clay or powdered clay . There are several colors and although some Witches say that certain clays must be used for different types of skin, I feel that any good quality clay should do.


Small amount of Clay


Herbs/Essential Oil

Plain Yogurt if needed

Depending on how much mask you want to make, measure out your clay. Using a potato masher or a fork, start mashing. While you mash, add water until it becomes more pliable or wetter depending of whether the clay is in powdered or natural form . Once it reaches the consistency you wish it to be, add the herbs or oil. Should you have a difficult time reaching the consistency you want, add a little plain yogurt.

Like oatmeal masks, the making of a clay mask is a process. It can take time, especially if the clay is not powdered. I was always told that the time that something takes to be made, is the time in which you reflect on why you're making it and empowering it. Any left over mask can be kept covered in a refrigerator.