Fruit Lip-Glosses


I'm an avid fan of lip-gloss. I love smothering my lips in it and I can't have enough flavors. In short, I'm addicted to it. I guess it's lucky that I can make my own or I'd be bankrupt by now. The basic lip gloss is a variation on the cream recipe. It has a different consistency and different things can be added for flavors. The recipe that I use, only makes enough for two half inch by half inch containers. This might seem to be a small amount, but I've found it lasts quite well. As with most home made products, a small amount stretches a long way.


Fruit Lip-Gloss


2 teaspoons Almond Oil

1/2 teaspoon Beeswax or Paraffin

1/2 teaspoon Copha of Ghee

1/2 teaspoon strawberry juice

Essential Oil


First melt the beeswax in a slow heating pan. Then add the Copha or Ghee and melt while you mix. Add the almond oil and mix. Remove from heat and pour into containers and using a spoon, mix until the lip-gloss begins to thicken. Add the strawberry juice and blend well into the lip-gloss. Also add the essential oil into the lip-gloss if you wish. Once the lip-gloss is fully cool, store in the refrigerator as the Copha or Ghee will spoil eventually.

The strawberry juice can be substituted with the juice or thin pulp of other fruits. Raspberries, coconut, blueberries, kiwi fruit, apples and oranges work beautifully but almost any fruit will work. Just be sure not to add any seeds to the lip-gloss mixture. The seeds make applying and wearing the lip-gloss uncomfortable. Strain them out by hand or strain the juice through a piece of clean, tightly woven cotton. Honey or glucose can also be used instead of fruit juice.

Although I have listed paraffin as a possible ingredient, I would suggest you use beeswax. Paraffin isn't as nice. Almond oil can be safely substituted for olive oil or other oils. Jojoba oil and coconut oil are nice and work almost as well. Also, when measuring the beeswax, just estimate. Although you can melt it and then measure, a good guess works just as well. If you use essential oils, don't use too much. One drop will be enough and remember that some essential oils shouldn't be ingested.