Here are some of the links that I visit regularly. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.




Witche's Brew

This is a great site. It has a lot of information and a fantastic Book of Shadows.


The Inner Sanctum Of Wicca And Witchcraft

This site is an interesting mix of information.

Sacred Spiral Brew

This site houses a huge archive generated by its mailing list. I recommend for any Pagan to join this friendly community.

Erma's Herbs

Erma has a wonderful page for all the herbalists. Go have a look.

Manor-House For Wiccan Studies

The Manor-House has to be one of my favorite sites. It has a great Kitchen Witch section that everyone should enjoy.

NightMoon Pagan Network

This is a great site which has classes for those who wish to learn more about Wicca. It also has a good mailing list.

The Witche's Voice

Another fantastic site which has incredible amounts of information.




The Skewed Believers

This is a site for NBC's "Profiler".


Like mailing lists? This site has lots of mailing lists, including those about Wicca and other paths.

Fan Fiction On The Net

For a fanfic junky like me... this is the place to go.

The Viking Answer Lady Page

Want to read some of the stories I was told as a child? Go here!

Virtual Library

Go here for some great, free, and downloadable books.

Online Books

More books!