In the past flowers have been used to communicate in a silent language. A man or woman would use flowers and other plants to describe their feelings and to court. Today we can also enjoy communicating with plants. I find them a wonderful device to show emotion in e-mails and during chat sessions.



Bay Leaves- I'll be constant

Bronze Fennel-  Endurance

Chervil-  Sincerity

Coriander-  Hidden worth

Corn-  Riches (ornamental corn, cornflowers)

Endive-  Frugality

Fennel-  worthy of all praise

Fig leaves-  Prolific

Lettuce-  Cold heartedness

Lemon-  Zest for life

Marjoram-  Passion

Mint-  Truthfulness

Nasturium-  Patience

Oregano-  Celebration of birth

Parsley-  Festivity

Passionfruit-  Passion

Pineapple-  You are perfect

Peaches-   Your charms, and other qualities, are unequaled

Plums-  Faithfulness

Potato-  Benevolent gift

Sage- Domestic virtue

Sorrel-  Friendly affection

Strawberries-  Esteemed love

Tansy-  Declaration of war

Walnuts-  I appreciate your industry

Watermelon-  Increasing size

Wheat-  Riches



Lime/Linden-  Conjugal love

Pear-  Comfort, i feel for you

Fuschia-  Good taste

Geranium-  True, deep friendship

Magnolia-  Love of nature

Grapevine-  Drunkeness

Olive-  Peace

Daphne-  You're beautiful as you are

Topairy Box-  I appreciate your courage in the past year  

Rose Bush -  I love you

Red: Bashful love or I am ashamed

White: Happy love

Mullti-colored: Gaceful love

Small Cluster: Charming

Single: Simplicity

Yellow: Ilove you (to spouse), jealousy to others

Red And White: We are  united

Large Bunch Or Bush: Reward for virtue

Dried White: Death is preferable to loss of innocence  



African Violet-  Carefulness

Alyssum-  worth beyond beauty bachelor's buttons    celibacy  

Basil-  Haterd

Birch Leaves-  Temptation

Bouganvillea-  Vigor and excercise

Camellia-  I appreciate your excellence

Chamomile-  Energy in adversity

Cistus (rock rose)-  Popularity

Columbine-  I think you're stupid

Dahlia-  Instability

Daisy (lawn)-  I agree with you

Dandelions-   Wise oracle

Day Lily-  Flirtation

Delphiniums-  Delicate pleasures

Everlastings-  Everlasting

Fennel (in plant form)-  Praiseworthy

Fern-  Fascination

Fox Glove-  Insincerity

Geraniums-  True friendship

Geralton Wax-  Colonial beauty

Gerberas-  Fun

Gourd-  Fat, bulky

Gypsophilia-  Fecundity

Heliotrope-  Faithfulness

Iris-  Message

Jasmine-  Friendly

Juniper-  I will love and protect you

Lavender  Distrust

Lilac-  Memory

Lily, White-  Purtiy, sweetness, modesty or death

Lotus Leaf-  I take it all back

Marigold-  jealousy, vulgarity

Mesembryanthemum-  You're lazy

Nasturiiums-  Patience

Oats-  Music

Pansy-  I'm thinking of you

Peony-  Bashfulness

Peppermint-  Warm feelings

Proteas-  Magnificence

Rasperries-  Remorse

Rosemary-  Rememberance

Roses With Ivy-  Marriage proposal

Scotch Thistle-  Retaliation

Shamrock-  Light heartedness

Sorrel-  Affection

Sunflowers (small)-  Adoration

Sunflowers (large)-  Haughtiness

Sweet Williams-  Gallantry

Thyme-  Activity

Tuberose-  Dangerous pleasures

Water Lily-  Purity of heart

Wattle-  Secret love

Wormwood-  Absence

Yarrow-  Declaration of war

Yellow Lilies-  Fun

Zinnia-  Thoughts of absent friends