Initiation is the first step in becoming a Witch. During your period of dedication, you should have researched and studied all that is Wicca. That means you should have a good working knowledge of the philosophies we live by and what they mean. You should also uphold them. It is also important to learn the mythology of at least three different cultures, in order to appreciate the beliefs of others and find out which Gods and Goddesses you feel most comfortable with. You should also have learnt the basics of spell crafting.

Some traditions require the Witch-to-be to have perfected other skills such as divination and aura readings. If you belong to a certain tradition, ask another Witch or the High Priest or Priestess, what you need to know. If you are a solitary, try to learn as much as possible. Learn how to make spells for all occasions, power correspondences and how to worship the God and Goddess. There is no ban on the kind of knowledge you should learn. My tradition says that it is important to understand the good and bad so that you are equally prepared for both.

The ritual itself can be as complex or as simple as you wish. You can also include others as witnesses to your dedication. If you have witnesses, tell them to watch from outside the Circle, as they are not participants in the rite. If you have a High Priestess or High Priest, you probably won't need the basic ritual below. The ritual below is for a self-initiation but can be adapted for coven use. I also suggest that you make your own initiation. Personalization of spells and rituals add to their effectiveness.

Initiation should be done within a circle that the initiate has drawn. The Circle should be completed without any help. By casting the Circle, the initiate shows that he/she is one with the world and the elements and is skilled in the use of magick. From within the circle, the initiate should speak the words of the initiation clearly and to the God and Goddess. All tools should be present within the Circle.


Basic Initiation


"On this night when the moon is full,

God and Goddess hear my voice.

Clear of mind and clear of heart,

I ask to be reborn into the Craft.

To show my readiness,

And dedication to the tenants of the Craft,

I have drawn this Circle.

Inside this circle that I have drawn,

I offer all that I am, all that I was,

And all that I will be.

I vow to uphold the spirit of the Craft.

I vow to always respect the Divine,

And myself as a wielder of the Craft.

I vow that I shall always bow before

The alter of the God and Goddess,

For thanksgiving and never supplication.

I vow to freely teach my Craft,

To the willing and worthy.

And I vow to this night forward,

To be part of the Craft

In life and in death."


The initiate must use his or her Athame to cut a slick of cake. Holding the slice of cake and his or her chalice filled with water, the initiate must complete the initiation.


"To celebrate the bounty of

The God and Goddess,

These cakes and chalice of water,

I take into myself.

These cakes, make of the earth

And baked of the fire,

The chalice filed of the water,

And cooled of the air,

Together make up four

Of the five elements.

I myself am spirit.

As I consume the cakes and water,

I become one with the God and Goddess

And initiate myself into their service."


Once the initiation is complete, celebration should ensue! Welcome to the Craft.