Our home is the center of our daily life.  For that reason, extra care should be taken that they are comfortable environments.  When we move homes, we often smack right into the lingering negativity of the people who have lived there before us.  This isn't always so but a home blessing will make the house, apartment or room seem more like home.  I have always used a home blessing when I have moved residences.

A home blessing can be as elaborate as you like.  As well as what I will show below, you can also put in place several types of protections.  You can also consecrate the home to the God and Goddess.  The blessing below will remove all lingering negativity and fill it with a positive blessing from the God and Goddess.  When you decide to do a home blessing, you can do it before or after you have moved in. I've always moved in and stayed a few nights so I can detect any particular problems before doing the home blessing.  If there are any problems, you can fix the ritual to suit your needs.

First you must cast a circle.  Once the circle is cast, you may begin the ritual.  I would suggest, however, that you give the home a good brooming or even a vacuum before the Circle is cast.  This will aid in the dispelling of negative energies.  You should also set up your alter and ritual things which will consist of salt, water and an Athame or wand.  Inside of the Circle say;


"God and Goddess in your presence,

We have gathered to work our Craft.


Within this Circle

We wish to,

Banish all evil and negativity.


Within this Circle

We wish to

Purify and cleanse.


Within this Circle,

We wish to

Bless this house in Your name.


God and Goddess,

Let your power work through our Craft,

To make this home ready for dwelling.

So mote it be."



Take up some salt and hold it towards the alter.  Say;


"With this salt,

I shall remove and banish

All evil and negativity from this house,

As I sprinkle it in every room."

To complete a home blessing, you must step from the Circle.  To accomplish this without having to create the Circle again, say;


"Lets its protection remain strong,

And extend over me,

As I move from its boundaries."


As you sprinkle the salt in the middle of each room, say;


"With this salt,

All evil and negativity be gone,

In the name of the God and Goddess."



Enter the Circle once you have sprinkled salt in each room.  In the Circle extend water towards the alter and say;


"With this water,

I shall purify and cleanse

All evil and negativity from this house

As I sprinkle it in every room"


Step from the Circle again and sprinkle water in each room saying;


"With this water,

All evil and negativity be cleansed,

In the name of the God and Goddess."  


Return to the circle and pick up your wand or Athame.  Say while holding it up to the alter;


"With this Athame/Wand,

I shall bless this house

As I move through every room."



Leave the circle.  Point the wand or Athame toward the middle of the room and say;


"With this Athame/Wand

all blessings of the God and Goddess,

Enter and surround this room.

To pass on and surround those that dwell here."



From within the Circle sit before the alter and say;


"May this banishing be true and remain steadfast,

May this purification be true and remain steadfast,

May this blessing be true and remain steadfast.

In the name of the God and Goddess,

So mote it be."  


When this ritual is done, you can do other spells to protect your home.  You can also cast other spells as you would any other time.  I have also added a bit on the end to say what I want this change of residence to bring and what I hope to accomplish during my stay.  After the ritual, I usually hang my broom before the front door and burn incense or essential oils.  This further increases my feelings of being at home.  Do something similar that will make you feel comfortable. A home cooked meal can work wonders as well as can reading a favorite book.

This house blessing can also be used as a basis to banish troublesome spirits.  This is an extreme action and I would hope that it would never be used as such.  Like bindings, large scale banishing such as that really kick back at you with the threefold law.  It is often most beneficial to try to reason with a spiritual guest, anyway.