Hearthwitch's Herbal


This is a section that I have been very hesitant to create. First of all, I feel that there are some fantastic pages out there that could convey much more than I ever could. The other reason I've hesitated is because many people don't respect herbs as they should. Countless times I have run into people who have read a few people's pages and think themselves fine herbalists. This can never be the case.


Herbs are natural. Many people think that natural things are safe. Sometimes they are but natural things can be naturally deadly when used in excess. For those who don't know enough about herbs and other natural things, they often find out the hard way. Allergies are also commonplace. Herbs that can be irritating to some are fine with others. Sometimes they can be deadly. Plants also can be toxic to humans so check and double check.


My caution to all of you is to think before you use a remedy. Herbal remedies are not cure-alls nor are they a replacement for a properly trained doctor. If you use a herbal remedy be cautious, tell your doctor and don't double up on doses of herbs. Also be careful of the recipes you find on the internet. Most of the recipes you will find are good but a well-meaning novice might write others. Buy and loan a few books to learn more about herbs. Books on gardening can also be wonderful so you can learn more about the plants themselves and maybe even grown them. Don't forget to become involved in a herbalists newsgroup of e-mail list. They will be happy to give you pointers and you will stay on top of new scientific research as well as give out wonderful new remedies.



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