Hand and body oils are some of the easiest things to make. Simply a blend of a carrier oil and an essential oil, hand and body oils can be made by anyone. Their uses can be either for beauty or Magick. When making these oils for either purpose, blend them to suite you. As there are plenty of aromatherapy books around, I suggest you invest in one. They can be a great guide to which oils to use for which purpose. They also have the advantage of being fairly safe guides.

Remember that essential oils are very, very concentrated. You only need a few drops and all oils will irritate your skin if used in excess. Your blends should also be simple. More than three or four oils will result in a muddy and clouded scent. Carrier oils, the oil that is mixed with the essential oil, should not have a strong natural scent and shouldn't harm your skin. Olive or vegetable oils can be used if there is no other choice. Sweet almond oil is the carrier oil recommended by most Witches but it hard to find at times.

First, decide on how much body or hand oil you want to make. Using a little less oil than you plan to, measure out your carrier oil. Into the carrier oil, add the essential oils. Always record your recipes so that you remember which blends you like the best. This will also be of help if you find a certain blend irritates your skin. When you choose your essential oil, make sure that the oils either smell good to you or have some significance. The lists you will find on the internet on Magickal properties are good guidelines but your intuition can usually choose well for any purpose. Choosing oils that make you feel good helps enhance your powers.

If you wish to empower your oil, do so after completion. Dedicate it like you would any other tool and store. All body oils or essential oils should be stored in dark glass containers. Light can damage the delicate fragrances and cause them to spoil.