Natural Hair Gel


If you've had problems with hair products but need a hair gel, this might just help you. It's all-natural and I can guarantee that it works. For people with very long hair, the weight will tend to drag it down, but it will still work quite well. It also just washes out.


Hair Gel


Egg Whites

Honey or Glucose



In a bowl beat the egg whites until stiff. This will take some effort but make sure that they are nice and fluffy before you mix the other ingredient in. The amount of honey or glucose is up to you. Remember that honey and glucose is sticky so don't add more than a tablespoon or so. Again, blend keeping the eggs fluffy. Once everything is well blended, you can use.

I have always used this hair gel without scent but scents can be added using essential oils. Don't add to much or you're hair will turn out greasy. Honey will condition your hair but will also lighten it after a while so if you don't want your hair lightened or if you have a color in it, you might want to use glucose. Herb teas can also be added but this will decrease the sticking power of the gel.