Divination is simply asking questions and receiving answers. The method of asking and receiving questions can be very different. I prefer using runes while many Witches use tarot decks and scrying. Every Witch has a preference although he or she might be adept at using several methods. Usually the preference is the one which gives them the best answers and which they feel comfortable with.

Tarot decks, crystals and rune stones can be bought almost anywhere. Many people claim that they are masters of their use. Most of these claims are dubious at best. Don't let that discourage you. Some Witches believe that the medium doesn't have power in itself, and that you draw the answers from your heart using your own insight. Others do believe that the medium has power. Some say that it has power because we believe it does while others believe that they are mystical oracles that should be treated with respect.

I am hardly qualified to say one way or the other but I treat my runes with respect. They are powerful tools, whether they are Magickal or not. When I use them, I always try to be open to hear their message- whether I want to hear it or not. I also hope that others do the same.

Scrying can be very frustrating. At first it seems that you just sit for hours looking into a mirror, crystal or bowl of water with little result. Eventually, if the Witch is persistent, he or she will slowly learn how to scry. Once mastered, a Witch can answer questions by watching what it revealed in the water or mirror. Often these images will be vague and a Witch must use her intuition to read them.

Using runes or tarot can be equally frustrating when you begin. You constantly flip through the explanations for the runes meanings, wonder if it applies to you or what you asked. Things rarely go smoothly and sometimes a reading will give you contradictory answers. Again, this is a matter of practice. A Witch needs to relax and interpret using the runes as a guide and not as the be all and end all.

All forms of divination needs a Witch to use her heart rather than her head. Often answers will be contradictory or clouded when regarding the future. This is normal as the future is always changing. My advice for any Witch wishing to learn more about divination is to buy a book or two on a method that seems interesting. There are also some fantastic sites on the internet that will help once a basic understanding has been developed.

As in all things, you get what you pay for. If you buy a five dollar set of runes or tarot cards, they probably won't stand you in good stead. Some Witches with artistic talent have made their own tarot cards and rune stones. I highly suggest that you do so if you can. Crystals can also be cheap but they are most likely plastic and I've found that synthetic materials can give off bad energies and so muddle readings.

If you make your own cards or runes, ask for the God and Goddess for the materials. With luck, you'll find within a few days the things you'll need. Should you need wood to make your runes, harvest it from a live tree but ask permission first and leave an offering.

Once you've made your divination tools, you'll have tools that are permeated with your energy. This is an advantage as they must be purified and attuned to you, if you had bought them. Remember to treat them with respect and they will serve you well.