Copyright is a difficult issue to address on the Internet.  With Pagan sites growing at an ever increasing rate, it is inevitable that material is 'borrowed'.  Most of the 'borrowing' that does occur is a result of honest mistakes, or at least I tell myself.  Regardless, it does make me upset to find twenty different sites that say the same things, forget to accredit things and are boringly repetitious.  As Pagans we should try to increase diversity and not repeatedly mumble what everyone else has said, everyone, be creative!  Don't be shy- we want to hear from *you*.

On a personal note, I like the idea of having people read my spells and rituals and making them their own.  That is very flattering.  Sadly, when I'm not credited as their creator or asked if my spells can be reproduced, I'm not so flattered.  Anyone who would like to 'borrow' things from my BOS or page, please ask!  I'll probably agree!  Just remember to keep my name and e-mail attached to it.  Also, all my spells and rituals are copyright to me.  Please think twice and realize it's not nice to take without permission.

For those of you who feel a moral twinge now and then on the issue of copywrite, the only thing that I can think of is to let the owner of the material know.  I would also let other people know of the plagarizing site.  Web pages thrive on visitors so a decrease in visitors can also get the message accross.