Candles pop up everywhere in Wiccan rituals and spells. They are not only friendly, but enhance the mood, can be used to disperse scents and represent almost anything. Depending on their color, and what you do with them, they can be used for light or for strong Magick. They can also be a focus for meditation before or after a ritual or spell.

The color of a candle corresponds to a certain power you want to use or focus. There are many tables which can tell you which colors are good for what but you'll soon have preferences about which colors you use the most. You probably have preferances, even now, about which colors you like and that will reflect in your Magick. Personal feelings will always affect the outcome of a spell, just as they will affect the outcome of candle magic. For instance, if you donít like the color orange, using that color will not be as successful as a similar spell using a different color. White can be substituted fairly well for any other color.

To make things even harder you'll find that other Witches have lists which conflict to the ones you have always used. Different traditions rarely agree on anything, so don't feel disheartened. In short, use the list of your tradition or choose which colors feel right for you.

To prepare a candle for a ritual is very easy.

1. Using salt, water or incense smoke, purify the candle and rid it of unwanted energies.

2. Focus what you want the candle to do or represent in your mind. Announce it to the candle and mentally see the purpose as saturating the candle.

3. Using an oil or herb that is appropriate to your ritual, anoint the candle. You can also engrave it with an appropriate rune. This increases the power of your spell.

4. Once the candle is ready, consecrate it to the God and Goddess. During the consecration, you might wish to state the purpose once again.

When the candle has been prepared it can be used in a ritual or spell. It is very important to focus on the intended purpose of the candle and not to let your mind wander. The power of the result is often dependant on the depth of concentration you have used to prepare the candle.

It is quite common to find a spell that requires a candle to stay lit until it has burnt down. As it is dangerous, this should not be attempted unless the Witch is willing to supervise the whole process. If you wish to use candle Magick and need to leave, carefully extinguish the candle stating that the ritual has been put on hold, and will be commenced again later. Using smaller candles can also be a practical alternative.


Some Basic Candle Color Correspondences


WHITE- Purification

BLACK- Exorcism, Protection

GREEN- Fertility, Luck

BLUE- Healing, Dreams

RED- Lust, Courage