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Tools and the acquisition of them can be great fun! This doesn't mean, however, that you have to buy them. It can also be expensive and frustrating. A Witch should be able to use whatever s/he has on hand to create a spell. It is also good if you can do spells and rituals though will alone. While you shouldn't depend upon your tools and props, they can enhance a spell or ritual.

Most Witches buy pre-made tools and I must admit that I do it too. This doesn't mean that you have to go into a Pagan friendly store that has doubled the price because they know we're going to go looking in their stores first. Don't be over eager and go out and buy all your tools at once. Often a certain tool won't be found until you're ready for it. If you are in search of particular too, often some great bargains are waiting if you go off the beaten track and are inventive.

Some fantastic sources of tools can be second hand stores.  Antique stores can be very expensive!  Don't be disheartened as second hand shops will often have something just as good, if you bother to look and come back regularly.  Other places to go is your local grocery store.  They will often sell pieces of wood that are pre smoothed for wands, or bowls or cups that work well as chalices.  The local markets should also have some great inexpensive things that you can buy for that special cauldron.  Be creative and see what you can do with the tool to be.  Even if you're not very artistic, you can personalize your tools.


Athame-  An athame is quite simply a double edged dagger.  They are often used in spell crafting to focus energy or to ritually cut cords.  Athames mostly have black handles and can be decorated with special stones or runes that help increase their power.  Some Witches use wands instead for the same purposes.

Wand-  Wands are quite common.  Most Witches will at least own one wand and some create different wands for different purposes.  Wands can be either a twig/branch from a tree or a specially smoothed piece of wood, selected for the purpose.  Like Athames, they are decorated.  Never ever harvest a wand from a tree without asking permission and giving an offering in exchange.

Censor-  Censors are used for burning oils and incense.  You should be able to find them easily.  They come in a verity of styles so find the one that suits you the best.  Just remember that drafts can blow out candles easily so choose one with decent covering for the tea candle that heats the oil.  It is also a good idea to choose one that is easily cleaned!

Candles-  Everyone uses candles at some point.  They can be found in grocery stores but finding cheap good quality candles can be hard.  Many cheap brands aren't colored all the way through or burn quickly or worse with great mess.  Aromatherapy candles can also be of bad quality despite their high price.  Be careful and shop around.  After Christmas, thanksgiving and the other holidays are a great time to shop for candles.  For more information see 'Candles'.

Altar-  An alter is a Witch's working space.  What it is can be different for every Witch.  A small table or dresser works beautifully as does a box.  Portable altars, used for travel should be small enough to carry easily.  I've used a wooden box that an expensive bottle of wine came in, for several years.  It has enough space inside of my candles and wand and I can place on it most of the tools I take while traveling.  For more information see 'Altars'.

Cords-  Cords can be used for many things including bindings.  They should be thick enough so that you can undo the knots later with ease.  If you use a color correspondence, then they should also be of the appropriate color.  Rope or embroidery floss can be used but natural fibers are preferred.

Staff-  A staff is a larger version of a wand.  They are more imposing and can be used more easily to draw the perimeter of a circle.  Decorate as you see fit.

Sword-  Covens tend to use swords more than solitary Witches.  No matter where you shop they are expensive.  Good quality swords can often be found via the Internet but I suggest that you visit the SCA for more information.

Robes-  Witches can wear whatever they wish.  Some do go skyclad but for coven work or festivals, it is important to have appropriate clothing unless otherwise stated.  Patterns for robes can be found on the Internet or in some craft stores.  If you do not wish to wear robes, find something comfortable to wear.

Broom-  Brooms are easy to find but try to make your own as it is difficult to find brooms made of natural materials. At hardware stores you can find wood and at craftstores, you can find bristle material.