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Healing Spells



Healing can be done in many ways.  My preferred method is using the talent that seems to run in my family.  It is part empathy and part pure 'hands on' healing ability.  A Shaman friend is also teaching me to do psychic healing when not touching the person in question.  Healing spells don't actually heal.  They just increase the speed of healing and give a general feeling of well-being.

Many Witches like to use candle magic for this.  It is as simple as lighting a prep repaired candle and letting it burn.  I like doing this too as a candle can be very relaxing in its own right.  For something more long lasting and less immediate, I tend to go back to my Kitchen Witch background.

Herb Pillow


Rice is a great substance that can be used for many things and not just food.  White or brown rice will do so find something cheap.  You won't need a lot so don't buy too much unless you know you will eat it later.  While you're shopping for the rice, buy some nice herbs like lavender and mint.  Other herbs and spices that are good for colds and general remedies are allspice, bay, camphor, cinnamon, clove, ginger, lavender and rosemary.  Some of these you'll find in a grocery store.  Fresh is good but you can also use dry.

Fill an old sock with the rice you bought.  Don't cook it!  If you wish, you can sew a nice pouch for the rice but an old sock without holes will do just as well.  Once the rice is in, add the herbs you want.  Make sure that the herbs are mixed well into the rice so shake it several times.  Tie a knot in the open end and you're finished.

The pillow will smell nice on its own but if you wish to give it a little extra help, you can microwave it for a few seconds or place in a warm oven.  Warm it can be a very nice way to soothe headaches and menstrual cramps.  The smell can also help clear the sinuses.

For extra healing, a spell can be cast on the pillow as you make it while in a Circle.  Say something simple addressing the ailment that you wish to alleviate.

"This pillow made by my own hands,

I charge with healing energies.

This pillow made by my own hands,

I add healing herbs and spices

This pillow made by my own hands,

I command to heal all colds."


Healing Mirror


A mirror can be a very powerful Magickal tool.  It can be set to scry, protect or to even promote healing.  A simple way to do this is to clean it with a herbal vinegar and to decorate it.  Healing runes, symbols, pictures and poems can be painted or drawn using watercolors or white board markers.  The energies they create will be reflected out into your home.

A good spell for healing over time is the drawing of a pentagram with runes at each point.  First cast a circle, with the mirror included.  This can be difficult on a wall, so instead of drawing it on the mirror, draw it on a piece of paper.  Choose five runes to use Fehu, Raidow, Knaz, Gifu and Uruz.  Arrange them starting at the top and moving clockwise.  As you draw the runes, visualize what you wish do to.  Say something like this;

"I draw Fehu for my hopes,

And Raidow for my journey.

I draw Knaz for my strength,

And Gifu for my heart.

I draw Uruz for my health,

And together they are as one."