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A Circle is a working space. In casting a Circle, you create a sacred space where the God and Goddess listen more closely to your workings. It also acts as protective barrier between you and outside influences and prevents your spell casting from being interrupted by negative or distracting energies naturally present around you. Circles also draw in helpful energy; focusing and holding it for you to use.

A Circle can be cast in many ways. Eventually, how you cast your circle is up to personal choice. The detail you wish to go into is also your choice but it is better to use more detail for more complex and delicate spells. In any undertaking, the more energy you draw, the higher the risk and so the stronger the circle you should make.

The simplest Circle you can cast, uses no tools at all. It is built using the psychic energy of the Witch. As this can be draining and concentration must be kept up as the Witch works. This form should only be used for minor candle Magicks or in an emergency. Slightly more complicated is using only some of the tools used for a full circle such as a border drawn on the ground and a few candles. This also employs some psychic energy but is less draining.

A full Circle requires a witch to purify the area, dispel and call energy, call the elements and consecrate the Circle to the God and Goddess. As most, if not all, energy required to maintain the Circle, is tied to both the world and the spiritual plane, this Circle is stable and does not rely on the Witch's concentration to keep it going.



Energy is constantly present in the natural world. In Magick you draw on energy from all things around you to help complete a spell or rite. Some these energies are negative and some are positive. When a Witch calls energy in creating a Circle, he or she creates a barrier which recognizes the good from the bad. Never summon more energy than you can handle or you risk becoming dangerously exhausted or burnt out. A body can only handle so much. Start small and work your way up until you learn how much you can deal with. The amount of energy you can summon doesn't make a good Witch. A good Witch knows how to use a small amount of energy in the most productive way.



Each compass point represents a different element. For each element there are spirits that embody the powers of their element. These spirits are called elementals. Each elemental has its own element specific properties, which help creat a Circle. A Circle is never complete until each of the four directions are called. Think of the elementals as guardians and representatives of their element. In a Magical rite, they stand as witnesses and prevent any Magical backwash into their element, so protecting you by default.

Once they get to know a Witch and find that he/she means no harm, they become much more friendly and willing to work with you. Never abuse their role in your rite or become 'sloppy' with Magick. Respect them and they will respect you.

The God and Goddess

By calling on the God and Goddess, you gain their ear and a measure of protection. They can also help with a ritual or spell. If you wish, you can name a specific aspect God or Goddess, that corresponds to the type of spell or ritual you wish to do. Never command the God and Goddess- ask. Part of Circle etiquette is to always thank the God and Goddess when you dismantle the Circle.



A Basic Casting

This is the ritual I use to cast my Circles. It covers all major points and is fairly direct. Many witches like to dwell on the symbolic aspect or use poetry in casting. You can ttoo, but I feel that by being direct, I keep confusion to a minimum and my concentration to a maximum. Feel free to adapt it to suit yourself.

Draw the dimensions of the Circle in rope, salt or as a line on the ground. Use an Athame, wand or your figers to draw the Circle and visualize energy in the form of white light appearing as you draw the Circle. As you draw the circle speak aloud the following words.

"I cast this Circle,

to protect me from all negative energies.

I cast this Circle,

to protect me from all forces that may come to do me harm.

I cast this Circle,

to draw in energies to aid me in my Craft."

Stand at the inner edge of the Circle. Relax and begin the second part of the casting. Three revolutions must be completed in a clockwise direction, one part of the spell being completed per revolution.

"In the name of the God and Goddess,

thrice I walk the Circle.

In the name of the God and Goddess,

I create a sacred space.

In the name of the God and Goddess,

So mote it be."

The elements must now be called using a representation at each compass point. Candles of a corresponding color can be used in place of representations if you can not find any. The full spell must be said for each element, while facing the correct direction. Place the representations at the correct points after the call is complete.

"I call the element of (name element),

in the name of the God and Goddess.

I call the element of (name element),

to attend and witness my Craft.

I call the element of (name element),

To bring the blessing of the (name direction)."

Once you are finished with your ritual or spell, you must close the circle. This can be done by reversing the ritual. When dispelling the elements, blow out the candle or remove it's representation.

"I call on the element of (name element),

to depart your blessings having been received.

I call on the element of (name element),

to stand down as witness of my Craft.

I call on the element of (name element),

to depart in the name of the God and Goddess."


This time, walk anti-clockwise. Speak the words as you did for creating the circle.

"In the name of the God and Goddess,

thrice I walk the Circle.

In the name of the God and Goddess,

I dispel this sacred space.

In the name of the God and Goddess,

So mote it be."

The final step is to return the energies to what they were. If you leave it as is, the Circle will not be undone and the natural energies will become unbalanced.

"I undo this Circle,

to dispel all energies that have aided me in my Craft.

I undo this Circle,

To open it to all forces present naturally.

I undo this Circle,

to all natural energies.

This circle is undone but not broken,

thanks be to the God and Goddess."

With the Circle undone, remove the border. Then pick up all the tools you may have used in your spell casting or ritual. Any candles you wish to keep burning, place them on your alter or a safe place. You also might wish to eat to center and ground yourself after practicing Magick if you already haven't.