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Binding Spells

Binding spells are the most serious magick that a Witch can cast. Bindings can come in many different forms. The most common are cord bindings. Bindings can be either permanant or temparary. Both forms of binding spells are considered bad magick. This is becuase their sole purpose is to remove the free will of the target. This is nothing more than slavery. Most Witches agree that binding spells should be a last resort if used at all. A great deal of thought should be put in before doing a binding. Try thinking of all other possible solutions.

With binding spells, the caster is trying to overpower the will of a target. Like most spells that work on a targets will, they often don't last long. Even perminant bindings are rarely perminant. This is because a target will be constantly battling the spell. Trying to make a person do something they don't want to do is possibly one of the most dificult thing int he world. Eventually they will win the tug of war be free of the spell.

Ironically, bindings are easy to cast. Use cords that are thick enough to unpick when you want to end the spell. Also don't tie the knots too tightly. The fibers that the cords are made of should be natural. Manmade fibers don't work well with magick. The plastics and other substances seem to have inherant energies that don't work well with any kinds of magick. The cords should also be purified and consecrated to the God and Goddess. Once the binding is finished, the cords should be placed somewhere safe.

Cast a full Circle in respect to the seriousness of what a binding is. Place the cords on your alter and make sure they are ready to be used. Take up the cords in your hands and think of what you what you want to bind. Say in a steady voice;

"The first knot binds my intention.
The second knot binds ill-wishing
The third knot binds it all.
These knots shall hold the spell,
Until these knots are all undone."

As you speak a line, tie one knot. The first knot should be at one end, while the second in the middle. The final knot should be placed at the other end.  As you tie the knots, invision what you are binding being stopped from doing harm. Once the knots are tied, see the spell being continued until the knots are untied.